Dreams … Or Alternate Reality?

Ok, this might sound a little weird comin’ from me, but it’s something I’ve been wondering about the last few days.

I  have been havin’ some really vivid dreams, dreams that aren’t nightmares but disturbin’ none the less. The dreams aren’t so far fetched that they couldn’t actually happen in the life of the awake.

The only problem with these dreams is, the fact, that I forget them almost as soon as I wake up and there is usually so much goin’ on when I get up I don’t have time to put em to words before I forget em. So I decided to use this blog as a “storyboard” of my dreams, the ones I can remember that is.

What’s weird about this, is I have started wondering if in fact there isn’t a “dreamworld” that’s really not a dream at all, but an alternate world in itself and my mind is transporting there during my REM sleep.

One reason I think this, is if I wake up from one of these dreams and have to get up, when I go back to sleep, I’m right back where I left off or at least in the same place. These dreams don’t repeat themselves from night to night but I have had different dream in the same location. In other words, I have been in the same house, woods, or whatever, as a previous dream, but this one is totally different.

Most of the time the people are the same but the situation is altogether different as well. So, either I have a very active subconscious or my mind is travelling to a different, perhaps parallel universe or plane if you will.

As I said at the beginning of this writing, this subject is a weird one. Don’t pre-judge me or this subject. Instead, read with an open mind and non-judgmental attitude, and let’s explore this subject together. After all, I am sharing my dreams with you.

Thanks for reading,



About Southern Boy

I'm your average southern boy that loves to blog and build websites. I also love to share things I have learned throughout life.
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One Response to Dreams … Or Alternate Reality?

  1. ButterCookie says:

    Hey! I love this topic and have always believed in the parallel universe/ dreamworld theory. When you think about it, you never can pinpoint your moment of ‘sleep’ or the entrance of ‘dreamworld’..it happens just like the slip of a coma. As you arrive, you are not having to create the scene or characters; the scene is already set- indicative of the fact that you are creating this world with your mind. No one in this new world is shocked by your presence, nor did they see you land out of the sky- you were already there; therefore, a dream is the temporary experience of an alternate reality/ parallel universe.

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